About us


Our philosophy of WE DO IT EASIER seeks to summarize and provide an accurate service for our customer where we consider the importance of delivering our products in an organized and timely manner.
We are a leading wholesale company and exporter of pool products with years of experience in Latin America countries where our expert, advice and offer a wide range of products from cleaning to pool pumps, cartridges , filters, parts and treatments that insures the best filtration in pools of different design.

We focus on all the shops and people involved in this type of business .Our experts will supply them with the best cutting edge products, the quality and honesty of our staff is the key for our position in the biggest wholesale market of Florida and the world.
Competitiveness leads us to look ways to reinvent sales strategies and operations to makes us the better people due to a comprehensive work environment synergy where we are constantly developing our social skills to satisfy our most valuable ally, our customers.


Our solidarity and teamwork are our best abilities. We look for ways to expand our performance not only in Florida but in other cities and countries. Our team inspires us to search new markets looking for reliable and on time service. Our vision is to be the wholesale distributor with the most trust, recognized nationally and internationally for its excellent quality of service. Our best value is the respect that we have for our customers